Complete Car Machine Polishing in Sussex

Colour imperfections occur in all types of car, but there’s no need to worry! Our team have the tools to correct and maintain the colour of your vehicle. Also known as swirl mark removal, car machine polishing, car mopping, or buffing, our paint correction service improves the appearance of your vehicle. Based in Sussex, we serve clients throughout the area, and we are always happy to answer your questions.

VRS Paint Rejuvenation

For the vast-majority of cars, paint correction really makes an unimaginable difference. It completely removes or significantly reduces most marks. Our technicians have the skills to remove scratches, which would otherwise require fresh paint.

Paint correction is also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing, car mopping, or buffing. It’s defined as the removal of all imperfections in paintwork, such as scratches, watermarks, swirl marks, dried bug remains, and fading. This allows you to reproduce an as-new condition or better.

The process is undertaken by a professional detailer, or someone that understands how the structure of paint is applied on a vehicle. It involves the use of a machine polisher (usually a rotary, orbital, random orbital, or dual action polisher), a selection of abrasive compounds, polishes, and an assortment of buffing pads (usually cutting, polishing and finishing pads). Furthermore, regular checks with a paint depth gauge are conducted whilst polishing, to keep a record of exactly how much lacquer is being abraded away. Lustre reading is also completed before and after to measure the difference of gloss in the paintwork.

V.R.S - Paint Enhancement Detail (1-Stage Random Orbital Polisher)

Paint enhancement is designed for vehicles with paintwork that may contain minor paint defects, such as light scratches and holograms. This treatment also provides your vehicle’s paintwork with exceptional depth, gloss, and clarity

V.R.S Paint Rejuvenation Detail (2-Stage Rotary/Orbital Polisher)

This option removes surface imperfections such as oxidisation, most scratches, water marks, and etching. It restores a deep lustrous shine to the paintwork and increases the value of your vehicle.

V.R.S Paint Correction (3-Stage Rotary/Orbital)

Our paint correction option provides a multiple-stage paint correction, followed by a full decontamination wash to achieve a flawless finish. With this service, we remove up to 95% of the marks on your car paint.

V.R.S Wet Sanding (Including V.R.S Paint Correction)

Sanding the paint surface is often necessary, as it’s often the only option to remove an imperfection. This is a fast and effective way to remove heavy scratches or scuff marks.

Headlamp Restoration

If your vehicles headlight lenses are dull or faded, or if they are starting to yellow, it might be beneficial to visit our team. V.R.S restore their condition without the need for replacement. This cost-effective service is sure to benefit you.

Paint Chip Repair System

Our stone chip repair service is a comprehensive option for your vehicle. Tailored to your needs, it’s competitively priced, and a convenient alternative to a body shop or SMART repairs. It also provides a better finish than the competing touch-up products.

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